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[15 Oct 2025|01:39am]

Character Bio | Contact Post )
. . . P E T E R . . V I N C E N T . . .
PB: David Tennant {Icons}
CANON: Fright Night (2011)
CANONPOINT: Post Movie; Las Vegas, May 2011
AU - PRIOR GAME: Carnaval de la Lumiere
GPSL: Demonium
TRACKERS: Storybook

Out of Character
PLAYER: Tayber | [info]tayberhecate
AGE: 27
EXP: 5+ years RP, 12 years fanfiction, 17+ years writing
TIMEZONE: Pacific Standard Time
TO CONTACT: Comment here, comments will be screened.

[14 Oct 2025|07:36pm]
"I guess I don't want to be a man like me either." Let's kill something. )

[23 Nov 2024|01:30pm]
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